Explorable Explanations of Decision Making

In-depth tutorials about topics in the cognitive psychology of decision making. Quantitative approaches presented with interactive tasks and manipulable diagrams. Fit, predict, and explore the relationships between models and data!

Draft available:


An Explorable Explanation of Signal Detection Theory

How do we decide if a stimulus is present or absent?
Building on early work studying radar operators, SDT mathematically models our choices in terms of our detection sensitivity and response bias.

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An Explorable Explanation of Cumulative Prospect Theory

How do we decide between risky options?
CPT describes mathematical transformations of objective probabilities and values into decision weights and subjective values which we combine on a relative scale.

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An Explorable Explanation of Hyperbolic Temporal Discounting

How do we decide between less sooner or more later?
Hyperbolic discounting mathematically describes how our subjective perception of value changes over time.